Bladder and kidney tea, 12 x 1.5 g, 18 g -  Das Gesunde Plus

Bladder and kidney tea, 12 x 1.5 g, 18 g - Das Gesunde Plus

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This bladder and kidney tea is a medical product. It has a supporting effect in the therapy of bladder and renal cell catarrh. This tea contains soothing substances such as horsetail, birch leaves, giant columbine herb and burdock root.

Active ingredients: horsetail, birch leaves, giant columbine herb, burrow root
Areas of application: To increase the amount of urine in case of catarrhs ​​in the area of ​​kidney and bladder; For the prevention of urethritis and urea formation.
Active ingredient concentration: 100 g blisters and kidney tea contain: horsetail herb 30 g; Birch leaves 25 g; Riesengold rhubarb 25 g; Hauhechelwurzel 10 g

Horsetail | birch leaves | giant goldenrod | restharrow
Duration of use: Consult a doctor in the case of complaints lasting more than one week or periodically recurring, as well as in the case of blood in the urine, aggravated or painful bladder emptying (dysuria). If you have any further questions on the use of this medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist.
Contraindications: Water accumulation (edema) as a result of impaired heart and kidney activity. In cases of chronic renal disease the doctor should be consulted before the use of bladder and kidney tea.

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