Broncholind bronchial drops, 20 ml - Klosterfrau

Broncholind bronchial drops, 20 ml - Klosterfrau

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The bronchial drops help with cough and hoarseness through the herbal active ingredients thyme and eucalyptus. The herbal medicine frees the respiratory tract, dissolves the mucus and relieves irritation in children from 12 years and adults. The bronchial drops are vegan.
Active ingredients: Eucalyptus leaves, thyme herb

Traditional herbal medicinal product for use solely on the basis of long-term use for the following fields of application: Supports the mucus
solution Active ingredient concentration: Eucalyptus leaves 34 g, Thyme herb extract 17 g
Dosage form: drops
          Storage instructions
Store drug out of reach of children. The expiration date of this pack is printed on the outer wrapper and the container. Do not use this pack after this date! Do not store above 25 ° C. Shelf life after break: 6 months

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