Calcium + Vitamin D3 tablets, 30 tablets - Doppelherz

Calcium + Vitamin D3 tablets, 30 tablets - Doppelherz

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These active Calcium + D3 tablets provide calcium with 1200mg for maintaining normal bones and support with vitamin D, which contributes to a normal utilization of calcium.
Usage notes:
Daily 1-2 tablets to a meal with sufficient liquid to be taken without chewing.
Ingredients: calcium carbonate, fillers gum arabic, cellulose and sodium carboxymethylcellulose, rice starch, release agent silica, magnesium salts of fatty acids and polysorbate 80, coating agent hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, shellac and talcum, dyestuff titanium dioxide, olive oil, phytomadadine, Cholecalciferol
Contains No declared allergens included
Nutritional values:

composition Per day dose * % Of recommended daily charge **
Calcium 1.200 mg 150%
Vitamin D 10 μg 200%
Vitamin K 80 μg 107%

* Corresponds to 2 pieces
** Nutrient reference values ​​according to the Food Information Regulation

Contains Release Agent
Contains Filler
Contains Dyes
Contains Coating Agent
with Dye

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