Carmol drops, 160 ml - Carmol

Carmol drops, 160 ml - Carmol

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The traditional formula of Carmol drops contains the exquisite ingredients from ten medicinal plants and helps with discomfort, stomach discomfort, nervousness or travel discomfort. With Indian balm, sage, cloves, lemon, Chinese cinnamon, lavender, nutmeg, anise, thyme and peppermint. The medicine is suitable for ingestion, rubbing and gargling. Vegan.

Active ingredients: Anise oil Citronell oil, Citron oil distillate from melissa leaves (1: 5); Distillers: Ethanol 70% (v / v) Lavender Oil Levomenthol Muscat, Essential Cloves Oil, Sage
OilSpice Oil Thymic Oil Cinnamon Oil , Chinese Traditional herbal medicine for use solely on long-term use in the following fields of application: Traditionally used to support the digestive function and improve the condition in case of malaise.
Active ingredient concentration: 100.0 g Oral fluid: Anise oil 15.48 mgCitroneel oil 17.20 mgCitron oil 11.18 mgDistillate from melissa leaves (1: 5); 172.00 mg Distillant: ethanol 70% (v / v) Lavender oil 177.16 mg Lomentomole 1.72 g Muscat oil, essential 70.52 mg clove oil 177.16 mg Salbean oil 35.26 mg Spikoil 177.16 g, Thyme oil 1.72 mg, cinnamon oil,

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