Cough and bronchial tea, 12 x 2 g, 24 g - Das gesunde Plus

Cough and bronchial tea, 12 x 2 g, 24 g - Das gesunde Plus

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This cough and bronchial tea is a medical product for symptoms of bronchitis as well as irritation relief with catarrh (slight inflammation of the mucous membranes) of the upper airways with dry cough. 

For complaints lasting more than one week or periodic recurrence, consultation with a doctor is recommended. If you have any questions regarding the clarification of the application, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.
For risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
Active ingredients: Buckhorn, sweet root, bitter fennel, thyme.

Areas of application: In the case of symptoms of bronchitis and irritation. In the case of catarrhs ​​(slight mucosal inflammation) of the upper airways with dry cough.

Concentration of active ingredients: Buckhorn 40 g, sweet root 25 g, bitter fennel 15 g, thyme 10 g.

          Usage notes:
Add an infusion bag of cough and bronchial tea for a cup of tea with boiling water (about 150 ml) and cover for 10 minutes. Unless otherwise prescribed, drink a freshly prepared cup of tea several times a day.

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