Digital thermometer with Age Precision - Braun

Digital thermometer with Age Precision - Braun

  • €22.89


The digital temperature thermometer with AgePrecision from Braun measures the temperature within seconds. It interprets the measurement result as a function of age. The flexible, soft measuring tip ensures a gentle application even in newborns. This thermometer offers professional measurement accuracy, is BPA free, stores the last measured value and contains a protective cap for storage.

Usage notes:

The Braun digital digital thermometer measures the temperature within a few seconds (oral, axiliar and rectal) and interprets the result of the test as a function of age, since the definition of fever in a newborn is different from that of a child or adult. The measurement result is displayed color coded in the display (green-yellow-red) and a beep or several tones indicate normal or elevated temperature or fever.


Included in delivery:
1 x digital thermometer incl. 3 Volt battery
1 x protective cap for storage

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