Fleaseed husks grounded 250 g - Das gesunde Plus

Fleaseed husks grounded 250 g - Das gesunde Plus

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The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends at least 30 g of fiber per day to adults. Since many people eat rather low-fiber food, they often do not reach this value. The additional consumption of plant fiber is therefore recommended.

Fleaseed husks are the seed husks of Plantago ovata. They contain many soluble high-swelling dietary fibers. These gently increase the volume of the stool and so naturally support digestion. Flea seed dishes are well tolerated, easy to use, neutral and do not lead to habituation, so they can be used well in the long term.

Usage notes:
2 times a teaspoon (3g each) in plenty of liquid (at least 200ml) such as water or juice. Drink 1-2 glasses.
Flea seed dishes are also suitable for baking and thickening food.
Indian flea seeds (plantago ovata) grounded

Nutritional information
Average nutritional values Per 100 g
Calorific value 193 kcal / 776 kJ
fat <0.5 g
Fat, including saturated fat <0.1 g
carbohydrates 2.5 g
Carbohydrates of which sugar 0 g
roughage 88 g
protein 1.4 g
Salt equivalent 0.3 g


Storage instructions
Please store in a dry place at room temperature.

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