Floradix for high iron demand, 250 ml - Salus

Floradix for high iron demand, 250 ml - Salus

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The natural medicine Floradix with 750 mg of iron per 1000 g was developed by intensive research and is a vegetable clay with organically bound iron, fruit juices and medicinal herbs. Floradix with iron is a drug which is tested according to the latest scientific requirements. Fruit juices complement the tried and tested formula and add to the digestibility. Contains fructose and invert sugar.
For risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.


Compulsory Notices:
Active Ingredients: Iron (II) gluconate
Application: In case of increased iron demand, if there is a risk of iron deficiency, especially in case of increased iron loss, eg during menstruation, during pregnancy, lactation and recovery time according to diseases.
Active ingredient concentration: 100ml Liquid contains as active ingredient: 703,3-773,9mg Ferric (2) gluconate (Ph. Eur.)
Dosage form: 250 ml oral solution


(1: 28.2) from a mixture of hibiscus flowers, bitter fennel, morubbe, quail root, yarrow, angelica root, horsetail, pearworm leaves, juniper berries, pathworm root, bitter orange peel (3: 2, 3: 2, 3: 2, 3: 2, 3: 1, 15: 1, 15: 1: 0.64) - excerpt water. Yeast autolysate, grape juice concentrate red, cherry juice concentrate, pear juice concentrate, blackberry concentrate, black Johnberry juice concentrate, honey, rose hip fat extract, fructose syrup 70%, orange flavor, orange flavor, water.


Usage notes:
Unless otherwise prescribed, adult and hereditary nurses from 10 years are taking 3x15ml per day with the measuring cup.

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