Healing wool, 50 g - Alana

Healing wool, 50 g - Alana

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Healing wool is a versatile natural product that has a soothing effect. The lanolin (wool fat) contained therein absorbs excess moisture. This soothes the stressed skin and the healing can begin. In addition to skin-protecting properties, the curative effect is also beneficial to the blood circulation. This creates a pleasant warmth. For example, healing wool is used for earaches, coughs, sore throat, joint pain, rheumatism, menstrual pain, stomach pain, eczemas and ear pain.


Safety instructions:

Healing wool is a natural remedy and not a toy. It should only be used under adult supervision. Do not put it into body openings. Make sure that your child does not put the wool into it's mouth. Healing wool is a natural product and is not suitable for allergy sufferers or persons with immune deficiency. It is not recommended to use in acute inflammatory or febrile diseases. The application of the healing wool does not replace a doctor's visit. In case of uncertainties, inquiries or deterioration of the state of health, seek immediate medical attention. Always keep the product out of the reach of children. In order to ensure perfect hygiene, replace the wool after each application and do not use it directly on open wounds. Our herbal wool is washed very gently, so that much effective lanolin remains. Therefore, it is possible that a small portion of vegetable residues remain in the wool.



100% virgin woll from controlled biological farm


Usage notes:

Pluck the required amount of healing wool and cover the area to be treated with a thin layer. If you have earaches, lay a cotton wool over the entire ear, but do not insert it into the auditory canal. The application should not exceed 60 minutes. For example, a headband is suitable for fixing. For cough and sore throat, place 2-3 hands full of curative wool on the neck and fix it with a scarf.


Storage instructions:

Dry storage at room temperature is recommended.

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