Magnesium + Calcium + Vitamin D3 Direct granules, 20 packets - Doppelherz

Magnesium + Calcium + Vitamin D3 Direct granules, 20 packets - Doppelherz

  • €8.95


Vital for healthy bones, muscles and nerves. Free of gluten and lactose. Easy to use sachets  with granules that melt on your tongue.
Usage notes:
1 sachet per day. Place the micro pellets directly on the tongue, let them melt slowly and swallow.


Nutritional supplement with sweeteners. Granules with magnesium, calcium and vitamin D and lemon flavor 

Calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, filler xylitol, corn starch, filler sorbitol, acidifier citric acid, flavor, thickener sodium carboxymethylcellulose, sweetener aspartame, sweetener sodium cyclamate, release agent magnesium salts of fatty acids, Cholecalciferol

Contains no declared allergens


Nutritional values:

Composition Per day dose * % Of recommended daily charge **
Calcium 600 mg 75%
Magnesium 300 mg 80%
Vitamin D 5 μg 100%

* Corresponds to 1 piece
** Nutrient reference values ​​according to food information regulation

Contains filler
Contains sweetener
Contains thickening agent
Flavorings can have a laxative effect when consumed excessively
Contains a source of phenylalanine
with sweetener (s)


Storage instructions
Store at room temperature.

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