Nasal rinsing salt for nasal douches, 60 bags - Das gesunde Plus

Nasal rinsing salt for nasal douches, 60 bags - Das gesunde Plus

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This nasal rinsing salt is used to make a nasal rinsing solution. The nasal purging with salt water enables, in a simple and very effective manner, the gentle but thorough relief of the nasal mucous membranes from irritating or foreign particles, such as dust particles, allergens or pathogens. In addition to the cleansing effect, the nasal mucous membranes are additionally moistened, which supports their natural function. 
Suitable for any nasal shower.

Side effects: There is tingling and burning in the nose occasionally, but headaches are rarely observed immediately after rinsing. Adverse effects in case of incorrect application: In case of improper use, especially nasal rinses with too much or too low concentrated rinsing solutions, the nasal mucosa can become irritated or dry out. If the salt is ingested, it can lead to stomach and circulatory problems with a temporary blood pressure increase.


100% Sodium Chloride Ph. Eur., Contains no preservatives and / or flow control agents


Usage notes:
Contraindications: frequent and severe nasal bleeding, severe injuries to the nasal cavities with direct connections to the fluid cavities of the brain. Note for special patient groups: This nasal rinsing salt can be used during pregnancy and lactation as well as for children and the elderly.
Dosage and method of administration: The rinsing salt is used to make a nasal rinse solution. For this, one sachet of the rinsing salt is dissolved in 250 ml of warm water (drinking water quality!) and rinsed through the nose. Nasal rinses can be performed up to 3 x daily with 250 ml of solution. As a rule, the use of a commercially available nasal shower is recommended.


Storage instructions:
Always keep freshly used solutions and never store them since  rinsing salt contains no preservatives, so that the solutions can germinate quickly (possible risk of infection!). Do not use  nasal rinse after expiry of the expiration date printed on the pack. Always keep out of the reach of children.

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