Neck and throat spray, 30 ml - Das gesunde Plus

Neck and throat spray, 30 ml - Das gesunde Plus

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This neck and throat spray with natural sole helps specifically in the case of throat pain and throat problems. The brine moisturizes the irritated mucous membrane and promotes rapid relief in the mouth and throat. The Icelandic moss lays a gentle protective film on the flared mucous membranes. In addition, the moisture-binding dexpanthenol maintains the mucous membrane. The fresh minty aroma provides a pleasant releasing feeling. 

With dexpanthenol
Compulsory Notices
Active ingredients: natural brine, dexpanthenol, Iceland moss extract
Composition: Natural oil I Dexpanthenol I Peppermint flavor I Camomile flavor I Zinc sulfate I Icelandic moss extract I Preservative agent sodium benzoate I Sweeteners Neohesperidine DC and acesulfame potassium.
Usage notes:
Turn the foldable beak on the bottle sideways and press the pump button down. Please note that some pump strokes are required before the first use.

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