Stinging Nettle, 90 pills - Kneipp

Stinging Nettle, 90 pills - Kneipp

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Physical deficits and unhealthy diet can affect the water balance of the body unpleasantly. Kneipp® nettle Dragees contain a high proportion of valuable ingredients. They stimulate the kidney activity in conjunction with an abundant supply of liquid. The body is thus naturally rinsed, which helps to support the metabolism. The stinging nettle is used in traditional European medicine (TEM). Kneipp® stinging nettle dragees contain 35.0 mg of dry extract according to 192 mg of nettle leaves and 185 mg of nettle leaf powder per dragee. This corresponds to 1 dragee approximately 377 mg nettle leaves. Tip: A sufficient supply of liquid (at least two liters daily) supports the effect considerably!
Compulsory Notices
Active ingredients: Nettle powder, dry extract from nettle leaves (4-7: 1), extract: water
Traditional herbal medicinal product for use exclusively on long-term use for the following fields of application: Traditionally used to support the excretion function of the kidney. Kneipp® nettle Dragees is a traditional herbal medicinal product registered exclusively for long-term use in the field of application.
Concentration of active ingredients: 1 coated tablet contains: Nettle powder 185.0 mg, dry extracts from nettle leaves (4-7: 1) 35.0 mg 
Dosage form: coated tablets


How to take:
Adults and adolescents from 12 years of age take 1 to 2 coated tablets three times daily before meals with sufficient fluid, preferably a glass of water (250 ml).

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