Original Tiger Balm white, 19,4 g -Tiger Balm

Original Tiger Balm white, 19,4 g -Tiger Balm

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The original Tiger Balm white not only works very well against cold and bronchial complaints, but also for joint and muscle pain due to the concentrated planting power. The original Tiger Balm white is vegan.


For risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Active ingredients: camphor, levomenthol, clove oil, cajeput oil and peppermint oil. 

Areas of application: To improve the condition of cold complaints, uncomplicated colds and bronchial complaints. For the promotion of the skin circulation in muscular and joint complaints such as sprains, bruises, strains.

Active substance concentration: Campher 2.5 g, levomenthol 0.79 g, clove oil 0.15 g, cajeput oil 1.3 g, peppermint oil 1.6 g

Dosage form: ointment


Ointment with 25% camphor rac., 7.9% levomenthol, 1.5% clove oil, 13% cajeput oil and 16% peppermint oil

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